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  • Adorable Snowman Ornament Kit

    Adorable Snowman Ornament Kit

    Everything provided in this kit allows you to make (1) Adorable Snowman ornament!

    Your kit may look slightly different from the pictures, such as different color hat/scarf and size of flowers.


    What's in your kit:

    • (1) Large Craft Stick
    • (3) Flowers (small, medium, and large)
    • (2) Black Eyes
    • (3) Black Buttons (same as eyes)
    • (1) Carrot Nose
    • (2) Brown Stick Arms
    • (1) Scarf & Hat Set
    • (1) Length of Twine
    • (1) Tooth Pick

    What you'll need:

    • Hot Glue Gun with Glue
    • Plate or Mat to Place Glue Gun
    • Scissors (optional)
    • Your Imagination

    Optional: Parental guidance to help with glue gun

    Approximate time to make: 10 minutes



    Step 1: Prepare Your Tools and Supplies

    Plug in your glue gun and lay out your supplies.


    Step 2: Glue on Your Twine

    Fold the twine in half and glue the ends at one end of the craft stick. Feel free to trim for a shorter loop.


    Step 3: Glue on Your Hat

    Glue your hat at the top of your craft stick over the end of the twine.

    Step 4: Glue on the Snowman’s Head

    Glue the smallest flower just under the hat. Make sure to place the flowers so that all the flowers will fit on the stick.

    Step 5: Place the Snowman’s Face & Buttons

    Using the toothpick, poke two holes to place the eyes and one in the center for the carrot nose. Place a small dab of glue in each hole before placing the pieces in the flower. Use the same technique for placing the three buttons on the medium flower.

    Step 6: Place the Scarf and Second Flower

    Glue the scarf on the craft stick under the first flower. Glue the medium flower with the buttons under the first flower but make sure that there is plenty of room for the last flower.


    Glue the scarf around the top of the flower that you just placed in any fashion you would like.

    Step 7: Glue the Final Flower

    Glue the large flower to the craft stick under the medium flower. This finishes the body of your snowman!

    Step 8: Add the Finishing Touch

    Time to add the finishing touch - your snowman’s arms! Feel free to use the arms we provided or pieces of a stick from your own yard. Glue the arms between the outer petals of the middle flower.


    Step 9: You're Done!

    Pat yourself on the back for making an adorable ornament to keep or give to someone special as a gift!




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