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  • Rudy the Reindeer Ornament Kit

    Rudy the Reindeer Ornament Kit

    Everything provided in this kit allows you to make (1) Rudy the Reindeer ornament!

    Your kit may look slightly different from the pictures, such as the size of the wood round.

    What's in your kit:

    • (1) Wood Round with Twine Loop
    • (2) Antlers
    • (2) Black Eyes
    • (1) Red Nose
    • (1) Flower
    • (2) Pieces of Greenery
    • (1) Mini Spray Bottle
    • (1) Tooth Pick

    What you'll need:

    • Washable Marker - Brown or any color you would like!
    • Hot Glue Gun with Glue
    • Plate or Mat to Place Glue Gun
    • Scissors (optional)
    • Your Imagination

    Optional: Parental guidance to help with glue gun

    Approximate time to make: 10 minutes (May take longer if you’d like to wait for the flower to dry)


    Step 1: Prepare Your Tools and Supplies

    Plug in your glue gun and lay out your supplies.

    Fill your spray bottle with water (TIP: place the cap on to help close the bottle back up).

    Decide what color you want your Rudy to be using the washable markers you have available.

    Step 2: Draw on Your flower

    Stick your toothpick in the back of the flower - careful not to push the pick all the way through.

    Use your selected color(s) marker(s) to draw on the edges of your flower petals. Don’t worry about coloring beyond the edges as the next step will help cover more of the flower with the ink. If using multiple colors, keep in mind they will mix together if drawn near each other.

    Step 3: Water Your Flower

    Using your spray bottle, spray the flower to let the color bleed throughout the flower. The more water - the more washed out the color. When done, set aside to dry.

    Step 4: Glue on Your Greenery & Antlers

    You can glue the pieces of greenery on your wood round whole or cut into pieces and glue on individually - there is no wrong way!

    Use your flower to guide where to glue your antlers on the wood round - they can face either way.

    Step 5: Glue on Your Flower

    Once your flower is dry, or not too wet, remove it from the toothpick. Place a large dot of glue where you’d like to glue the flower on the wood round and place the flower on top of it.

    Step 6: Finish Up Rudy

    Using the tooth pick, poke two holes where you would like to place Rudy’s eyes. Place a small bit of glue in each hole then put an eye in each hole. Lastly, place a small dot of glue where you’d like to place Rudy’s red nose.

    Step 7: You're Done!

    Pat yourself on the back for making a beautiful ornament to keep or give to someone special as a gift!












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