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  • Sponsor A Stem - Webster Elementary Teachers & Staff

    Sponsor A Stem - Webster Elementary Teachers & Staff

    Sponsor A Stem is all about communities coming together to give a small token of appreciation to those that have made an impact within the community.

    Throughout the past 2 years, teachers and staff have worked hard to hold a space for our children to continue to flourish in their education and development. Whether it be learning a whole new way of educating virtually or navigating ever-changing policies to keep everyone safe - they all have gone above and beyond to continue to be there for their students.

    Each flower is made from wood and will live on forever and remind the recipient of our ever-lasting appreciation of their devotion and commitment to their students.

    Words of Appreciation from Parents & Community

    Thank you Webster Teachers and Staff! You are appreciated more than you know. - Brock Family

    Thanks for all that you do for the kids at Webster! - Lynn Vadnais

    Thank you for all you do to help kids flourish! - Timothy Howe

    We appreciate all you do! - Carol Nicholas

    Thank you Webster Teachers for all of your amazing work. We appreciate you! With love, The Schneider Family

    On behalf of Emmett and Andrew Pinard - $10 extra for students who are not able to contribute - Elizabeth Pinard

    Big thank you to Ms. Glennon, Ms. Mellor, Ms. Shea and Ms. O'Connor! From The Chynoweth's

    Thank you for everything you do for our kids - Daianara Rosario

    Thank you Webster Teachers and Staff for everything you do for our children in and out of the classroom! - Laura Boyce

    Thank you for always inspiring me, encouraging me, believing in me and loving me! You are a wonderful teacher!!! You have helped me set goals and grow, even when things were hard. You are appreciated for all that you do, today and every day. - Genevieve Turner

    Thank you Webster School staff and Ms Tessier for an amazing year. We appreciate all you do! - Lyla Foucher

    Webster School Teachers, We are so appreciative of all you do for our kids, inspiring them to be the best they can be in all things and we are so grateful for all of you! - The Vermette Family

    Thank you Teachers and Staff at Webster Elementary School. - Madan Gutha

    Thank you to the amazing staff at Webster for all that you do, not only for Ethan and Sophia, but for all the students of Webster. We are blessed to have such an amazing school in our community. Webster teachers are counted among the best! - The Boutselis Family

    Mrs. Auger, Mrs. Bostic and Mrs. Mellor, Thank you for all your time, dedication, love and care you sow to the Sullivan kids. We appreciate you!! - Kerry & Emily Sullivan

    Thanks for being a great teacher Mrs. Milton! - Camden Telfer


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